Vesperu Valaeis was the young son of Noir and Valdis Valaeis. Murdered in a robbery gone wrong, his death inspired Noir and Valdis to become politicians for the Etera in order to help create a better and safer Tor'bel.

Vesperu was a member of the Republic of Luminous, a group dedicated to the protection of all individuals living within the Citadel.

Vesperu's death came as a shock to the entire community as he was generally well thought of. Despite this, when Noir and Valdis pleaded to the Specters to bring him back, they declined.

Vesperu's death is most likely the reason to what caused Noir to further his study of Tenebra. Driven by a desire to see their son one last time, Noir and Valdis gain political power on the platform of reforming Tor'bel during the nights while maintaining with the underlying motive of expanding the usage of Tenebra. Their desire to change the way of life for half of the Etera species is what isolated Rimaz and drove him into kidnapping Valdis.

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