Embrace the shadows of your inner desires...
- Valdis

Valdis Valaeis is the Queen of the Dusks and second in command to Baron Noir. Valdis is in control of the Blackened Citadel and the Dusk presence in the Void. She also has the authority to overrule Zam'r and control the Dreaded Army.

A long time ago, Valdis was not as she is seen today. She was an Etera of great beauty and charm. Often, she was called "Goddess" and "Queen", as her beauty was able to enchant any individual with infatuation. Working alongside her husband Noir, the two worked as politicians for the Etera race. When Valdis was not campaigning for new progressive legislature, she was off donating her time to the worse off Etera and the Demetera.

Valdis' life was cut short by her brother-in-law, Rimaz, a day that has gone down in infamy among Etera and Demetera tradition.

Valdis was later resurrected by Noir after he turned to Tenebra. Unfortunately, her beauty could not be saved and her heart had turned cold by the embrace of death. Her hair now matted and grayed, skin peeling and colorless, and soft-features long gone, her body has become twisted by the essence of the Dusks. Valdis hides underneath long, dark, and heavy clothing to cover what she has become.


Early Years

Rise of Political Power

Murder & Death

The Eternal Wars


The Fall of El'Narath

Creation of the Void

Fall of Luminous Citadel

The Blackened Citadel

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