Nafaq (pronounced /'nɑːfæk/) was the Archcultist and founder of the Cult of Nafaq before his disappearance. A long time friend to Noir and Hermielle, he studied under the tutelage of the Three Specters. Originally studying the wonders of alchemy, Nafaq sought to close the gap between the Etera and their Demetera servants by gifting abilities of Spectra to all. Across his travels with Noir, the two managed to stumble upon the darker arts of Spectra, known as Tenebra, which led to the discoveries which would lead Nafaq to become the first necromancer. Following the Desolation, Nafaq's whereabouts have been unknown.

Nafaq originally the Cult of Nafaq to help protect his new found home from the powers of Tenebra, and eventually to act as the jailers of Hermielle's prison. Upon discovery of the growing corruption within the ranks, Nafaq attempted to dissolve the organization.


Early Years

Discovery of Tenebra

Experimentation with Resurrection

Rise of the Dark Baron

The Eternal War

The Fall of El'Narath

Escaping Torbel

Northern Frontier

Repelling the Dreaded Army

Yer'dra the Earth Mother

Forming the Cult of Nafaq

Construction on the Athenaeum

The Cult of Nafaq

Betrayal & Dissolvement


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