Spectral Saga

The Nation of Lotte was the second hyrant nation to be founded in the Western world. Focused around the Order and the defeat of the Dreaded Army, the small nation quickly became a home to refugees from Ridia.

Architecture & Design

The architecture of Lotte is famous for its quirky spirals and shapes. Originally constructed out of whatever material the locals could obtain, Lotte was built quickly and cheaply. Pipes and unfinished boards of wood are not an uncommon sight on the facade's of the structures.

The Lottian style did not evolve into it's modern day form until after the Reaper Wars and the Desolation of Pylotha. When Lotte transformed from green fields to a harrowing swampland, the structures had to be adapted. Year after year, the houses would begin to sink into the endless bog; forcing the citizens to build upward instead of out. Much of the metal work was destroyed or severely damaged during the Desolation, but this did not stop the citizens. The metal was quickly repurposed and put to use, creating the twisted and damaged appeal that the nation is known for.