The Cult of Nafaq is an organization of living beings dedicated to the teachings found in the Tome of Nafaq. The Cult of Nafaq is currently led by one of Nafaq's apprentices, Archcultist Nathaniel.

Originally formed by Nafaq, the Cult's founding purpose is to protect the balance of Spectra in Pylotha and to help heal the lands after the Decimation.

Since Nafaq's disappearance shortly after the Decimation, the Cult has taken a darker turn. All of Nafaq's apprentices have vanished except for Nathaniel, who has taken over control of the Cult. Under Nathaniel's control, the Cult has taken a more aggressive approach at controlling the balance of Spectra and has begun to expand their research into Tenebra

Most recently, the Cult has been seen infiltrating nations and smuggling cargo in and out of the nations.

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