Bladespire was created by the rough and forced combination of various Oar’atan tribes under Lord A'verim. Designed to be a citadel of might and a symbol of power, Bladespire expresses the species natural aggression. The entire city is constructed from rough pieces of sheet metal, and various other metals found from several mines across Ye’Rem prior to the Desolation.

Acting as the lead city in dirty industry, Bladespire’s atmosphere has been permanently polluted and now has a heavy rust colored fog, which coats all of the metal surfaces which create the city.

The city is designed to have several layers of defense against attacks. The outermost layer is called the Outer Confines and contains low income houses. The inside layer is separated into four quarters and a central district which houses the Spire of Lord A’verim. The Spire is amongst the only few total high rises in the city as it is the tallest non-wonderous structure in the world. Additionally, the Spire and its district is kept in marvelous shape. Every street is filled with automated turrets which are controlled by the Reapers, the police force of the Oar’atan.

Very little foliage is found within the city walls. At most, decaying weeds can be found sprouting through various gaps in the metal, especially in the Outer Confines. The entire city gives off a heavy smog as the top of the factories periodically release shoots of fire into the atmosphere. Many sky bridges connect the factories and cross high above the metal streets below to create an interconnection between industries.

From the outside, the walls and the Spire distract the eyes from the inner workings of the city. The polished solid black walls match the glossy finish found upon the spire, ensuring that the city can be seen from miles away.


People & Culture

Notable Characters

Places & People

  • Outer Confines
    • Trafficking Quarter
    • Garrison
    • NorthSpire
    • WestSpire
    • The Spire
      • Amphitheater of Anguish
      • The Spire of Lord A'verim

Points of Interest

  • The Spire of Lord A'verim
  • NorthSpire Memorial
  • WestSpire Memorial
  • Amphitheater of Anguish
  • Cathedral of San'tra Bella
  • Cathedral of Kal'ar